creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Mmmmmm *barf*

I had the urge to go out for breakfast and headed over to the local Denny's. I'm familiar with some of the staff as I have worked at that restaurant years ago while attending school. Suprisingly some of the same staff still work there after all these years! But I digress...

I take a seat at the counter since I'm alone and don't want to hold up a table just for myself. I order a slam and take in the atmosphere. *not that its a great one*

While checking out the place a waitress heads out from the kitchen and goes to take out an order....seconds after placing the plate on the table I hear a screech from the woman who just got her meal.

"EXCUSE ME! I asked for my eggs medium! " The waitress apologized and took the plate back to the kitchen. As the waitress walked past me I noticed the order was for eggs benedict. I thought DAMN! Thats what I should have had! Anyway......

Not a long time had passed and the waitress walked past me with the new order. Now I can only assume the waitress was new...or blind because EWWWWW! Those eggs were so giggly I almost gagged! *now thinking I'm glad I didn't order them!*

I'm a sucker for drama and I just knew what was going to happen. The waitress placed the new order infront of the lady and *suprise suprise* she freaked!

"I asked for medium and I get hard, then its sent back and I get them RAW! TAKE IT AWAY! I LOST MY APPETITE!" The poor waitress apologized and took it away. By this time I had finished eating and was getting bored of the lady complaining so I left. I'm not sure what happened after that. But the waitress should have known better to bring out the second order like that. If I was still working there and seen the cook dish that up I would have refused to take it out. If he objected then I would have gotten a manager involved. I know this was not an acceptable meal and she would have saved herself the grief and a real bitchy *by right* customer.
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