Professor Snape (severus___snape) wrote in bad_service,
Professor Snape

It's Nice to Know You're a Valued Customer...

So tonight I decided to see Batman Begins at our local second-run (read: Cheap) movie theater and decided to stop at Subway nextdoor afterward. Now, I had no idea that they were closing in five minutes - most Subway shops around here stay open until 10:00 or 11:00 and it was only 9:25. Okay, that's cool. So you close at 9:30. If you don't want to be bothered by a last-minute straggler, lock the door. Don't, however, do this:

"I'll have the special, please. On white."
"Want cheese?"
"American, please."
"Want mayo?"
"Horseradish sauce, please."
"We don't have any."
"Oh. Okay. Mayo's fine then."
He does not put said mayo on the sandwich, then proceeds to stare at me. I know he's waiting for me to tell him what veggies I want but he's being so rude, I just stare back for a minute. Finally he asks:
"What ya want on it?"
"I'll have some lettuce and tomato..."
I pause so as not to fire off six things at once...he takes the sandwich and starts to wrap it.
"I'd also like a few other things on there before you wrap it up..."
Again, he just stares at me.
"Okay...what else?"
"Some sweet peppers, olives and pickles."
At this point I've tired of being polite to this asshat. No more pleases. it's clear he just wants me gone. Again, he starts wrapping. again, no mayo. I remind him. He gives an exasperated sigh, at which point I ask:
"Would you prefer that I just leave? You don't seem to want to serve me for some reason."
"Your sandwich is ready, sir," is all he replies. So I pay, I leave and the other girl working literally follows me to the door and locks it behind me. Wow. I felt really, REALLY valued. Note to self: next time go to the Subway you know is open on the way home.
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