EST. 1986 (andwe_explode) wrote in bad_service,
EST. 1986

I go to a small private teachers college in upstate NY. Actually there's a plethora of majors, but most people are ed majors; I'm speech language pathology. Anyway, not important. It's in Albany, which is about a half-hour from where I live, so I commute. Again, sort of important but not at the moment.

Sometime in the first two weeks of July, I received my financial aid package. $10,000 ... yay. I just had to accept it, so I did so online. In the package was an application form or whatever for the parent PLUS loan. Tuition and fees total about $18,000 and I don't have $8,000 lying around, so my mom filled out the form and faxed it. This was mid-July. We go on vacation, come back, and my mom calls them to confirm they got the fax. I don't call because leaving me responsible for anything concerning money winds up being disastrous.

They ask for my student id number which my mom has memorized (don't ask, my family is full of freaks). She gives it to the guy, she waits lalala and he says, "Oh, I'm sure we got it." Uh, okay. She tells him she just wants a confirmation she has it, because if they don't have it in time, I haven't paid in full and it's a messy situation. He just tells her that he's sure it's around there somewhere (great answer!) and since she has exactly a half-hour daily (lunch) to make phone calls, she blows it off and says later, to me, that she'll call again some other time. She also faxes the form again.

A week later, she makes the same phone call. Explains the situation, says she just wants a confirmation that they received the form. This time the guy says, "Let me go check the fax machine..." after she explains that she didn't JUST faxed it, but faxed it a few days prior. Apparently he's a moron, because he still insists on checking the fax machine. It takes him a while to get back to the phone, so she tells him she has to get back to work, but she'll fax it He says it'll go in my file and I'll be all set. I think she called another time and had another annoying conversation, but then she told me to call. This involves much telling me what to ask, because as I said, this kind of thing totally confuses me. When I make car payments I just give her the money and she figures it's pretty bad.

I call them up and tell them that my mother has faxed this form at least three times (I think by that time it was more like eight, but who's counting?) and could they PLEASE confirm that they've received it? The woman tells me that they've received one form but they're waiting for another or whatever. Me=easily confused. I tell my mother what she said, and my mom has to call anyway. She calls them up, and they tell her that they're waiting on the form. The one she has faxed. Eight times.

Her fax works just fine (her company sends out hundreds and hundreds of faxes each day to dental offices, etc. so if it were broken, they'd know it pretty quickly) and I would hope my school would figure out if their's were. And if they didn't, well that adds a completely new element to their stupidity. Anyway. She's so pissed by this point that she drives down there after she gets off work and hand-delivers it to them. Tells them how pleased she is with their efficiency in losing faxes. (Once or twice, I could understand. But eight times?)

This isn't a huge issue since, as I said, I commute to school and at the moment she called me, I was in front of the school (driving by) and saw her car. But HONESTLY. They tell you that you can fax the form to them and they can't keep track of the damn forms. As my dad says, "It doesn't matter how many people with how many degrees are running a place, they're still idiots. WHAT AM I PAYING $20,000 A YEAR FOR?" Then again, he's dramatic.

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