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Hi, I've been monitoring this community for a while now. I haven't really had that bad of service anywhere until now. But since I do I'm very upset about it and don't really know what to do about it. Not 20mins ago I got a call from some guy that said he was with a collection agency and he was calling me regarding a past due bill with Cingular. I told him I didn't owe anything to cingular and then he started to talk really rude to me. He basically said "Oh yes you do now how would you like to take care of that bill" I tried to tell him it was a mistake and that I had talked to cingular many of times regarding my bill and they always said I never owed anything. The next thing he said was;"Well you can either do the right thing and pay it now, or you can do the wrong thing. I suggest you pay it now!" Okay he didn't just say those things to me, he interrupted me while I tried to explain the situation. He kept cutting me off and talking to me in a derogatory manner. Basically just reaming me out for a bill that he thinks I owe them. I finally got fed up with it and I said "Are you getting uppity with me because I don't appreciate it. You have no right to talk to me like that." Now I admit I was mad and taken aback by all of this becuase it wasn't a phone call I was expecting. Cingular never called me about past due amounts. They never sent me any letters about any of this. And then I get a phone call from some rude man at a collection agency? Anyway..After I told him this he got really mad and started to really talk to me rudely. So I basically said I refuse to be talked to like that and hung up. I was so upset I started crying and then I called cingular. After getting hung up on a few times I got in touch with somebody and could barely talk becuase I was crying. He told me to call back the collection agency and to talk to them again and find out what this was about becuase they have no record of me owing them anything. He even looked back to when I was with AT&T. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that I got a check from Cingular on the 12th of this month for $15.89. He also told me to get the account number for the amount of money I owe. So I *69ed the number, wrote it down because you can't call that number with *69 and then went online and looked up the number. It's some company called Qwest Corporation. I've calmed down a lot and so I called back the company. When you call the number an automated voice comes on and asks you to tell them your name and number and they will call you back. So now I'm waiting for them to call me back. I'm going to be civil with them and ask for the account # of the bill. I'm going to ask the name of the person I'm talking with and ask if there are any men that work there if I don't get the same rude guy that talked to me before. I'm going to explain what happened. I'm then going to call cingular back tomorrow. Now this is only if these people call me back tonight. What I want to know is if I can do anything about the way this person treated me on the phone. Can I do anything about Cingular essentially dicking me around. If the bill is legitimate then I will pay it. If it's not then I refuse. I live in Louisiana. Are there any laws here about people abusing someone else over the phone or anything like that? Has anyone ever heard of Qwest Corporation?
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