Somedaydreamer (someday22) wrote in bad_service,

T-Mobile SUCKS! -Update-

You can see the history of this bad service posted at T-Mobile Rant.

Now, you might think this should be posted under a good-service community, but even though I'm finally free they still tried to blame me!
So Kathy from "Executive Customer Relations" called like Tuesday night right...told me to fax my bank statement *now why didn't I think of doing that?*.
She called this morning:

K: Kathy the T-Mobile "Executive" Bee-yatch
Me: Well, me.

K: Miss Me, we found your payment. *choirs of angels sing Hallelujah*
Me: Great.
K: It has been credited to your account & we feel that since you have been through so much we're going to waive your final bill. Your balance is now ZERO!
*in my fax cover letter I asked for at least a $25 credit...they gave me $50*
Me: Thank you. It's a relief to have this over with.
*now here comes the blame*
K: The representative found while doing the research on your account that when you scheduled your online payment you used the wrong account number.
Me: *Oh. Hell. No.* Well, that's funny because it's the same # I've used on my last TEN payments to you. I don't even touch the account # when scheduling a payment it's the same as the day I set up T-Mobile as a payee.
K: Well, that's odd.
*No, Kathy, it's not "odd". It means that the idiot who posted my payment did it wrong. They messed up the account #, not me!*
K: Well, it's taken care of. Your balance is $0. Thank you so much for your patience. (HA!)
Me: Thank you and good-bye, don't ever call me again.

PLEEEEEEEASE let it truly be over!
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