_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

I went into Wal-mart one day to get my film developed. I've gotten prints made there and the only reason I go back is because the people there are always so nice to me and the prints they got me were cheap and looked nice. And this woman made me free prints once, just because she liked the photos and wanted copies herself.

Well, I go in there to drop off film for one hour photo. I've been there and dropped off film at about 8 p.m. and it was ready at 9. Simple, right? Well, one-hour photo closes at 9. I went in at 8, and this is what this lady said.

Me: Myself
PB: Photo Bitch

Me: Hi, I'd like to drop these off for one hour photo. (You have to get the envelopes from behind the counter, so you have to ask.)
Me: *looks at big clock on the wall which just hit 8*... Oh. I thought you were open later. Well, can I still put these in for pick up tomorrow?
PB: *loud sigh, goes to get envelopes and literally slams them on the counter and says in a really rude/bitchy voice* Fill these out!
Me: Alright. Can I borrow a pen, please?
PB: *stomps over to the other counter, grabs a pen, and slams that on the counter*.

Now, the only other customer over there besides me, was some guy at the little machine where you can make enlargements and prints. She went back to the counter, stood there for about 4 minutes while I'm filling out all my envelopes. She obviously wasn't that busy.

Me: Okay. Where can I put these?
PB: *stomps back over, and GRABS them out of my hands* I'll do it. *turns around and walks away while saying, "GOD!"*
Me: Well.... thank you. Have a nice night.
PB: *gives me the death glare.* YEAH.

The entire time I was not rude to her, and by the time I left I was kind of pissed off at the way she was acting towards me. My friend was meeting me there to look around at stuff, so I went and waited outside for her. She got there and I told her about the lady, and my friend happened to notice, one-hour photo didn't close until 9 p.m. It was about 8:30.

Now does the way she was acting seem like normal, good customer service? No. If I acted like that at my job, I'd be fired. In fact, I've worked with people who do that and have at least had a manager give them warnings. You can't act like that towards customers, like they're completely making you go out of your way. She seemed like I was really making things difficult. I was very nice to her the whole time, but she just acted like a child that was having a fit with the stomping around and sighing. What would you do in this situation?
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