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i am so getting a new doctor

I am so aggravated.

I had a doctors appt today. My first since I finally got my insurance again after three years. Since I was without insurance I previously had to visit free clinics. I was jumping for joy that I don't have to do that anymore. How is it though, that I have better service at a free clinic!!

First of all, I couldn't get an appt. for two weeks after I call for one even though I explained that there might be special circumstances that require I get tested for things (such as cervical cancer) as soon as I could. Then I get there on time and they didn't even call me into an exam room for over an hour. I learned I have high blood pressure and I am a fat bitch. I also got some quick exam and that was it. It's like a revolving door in that place. When the doctor left and the nurse went to take my blood, it took 2 nurses 4 tries to draw any. My left arm and hand are going to fall off. Motherfuckers.

Finally, they can't even give me a followup appointment for three weeks! That's bullshit! I came to get certain tests and I won't find out the results for 3 weeks?? What kind of healthcare is this? What if I am freaking dying? The fun part is that I also wanted to get a prescription for the birth control patch. The receptionist got bitchy with me when I questioned having to wait so long for my next appointment and then forgot about my prescription. When I asked about it, a nurse shoved two months worth of samples at me and walked away. There goes asking any questions that I didn't get to ask the doctor before she ran out of the room. I am so switching doctors. She used to be a much better healthcare provider but I guess she took on too much work. The funny part is that both my mother and cousin used to run her office at different times and my father still cleans her office once a week. I am going to tell them what I think of her current practice and I am going to check out the doctor that a friend recommended.

The best part of it is that this joke of an appointment now made me 4 hours late for work.
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