Deery Lou (rei_03) wrote in bad_service,
Deery Lou

last year or so, my friend came in from florida for a visit. We went to Macado's for lunch. The restaurant wasn't very busy. Our waitress was this girl with curly blonde hair with an i hate the world/screw everyone attitude.

Waitress: *mumble* what do you want?
Us: *order, thinking wtf kind of greeting is that?*

We only got 2 appetizers for us to munch on. nachos and mozzarella sticks
We got our drinks then the waitress disappears for 30 minutes.

Us: *starving*
Waitress: *gives us the food and leaves not to be seen again until later in the story*

Upon digging in, we realize that our food is mighty cold. As, we were starving and and the mozzarella sticks were slightly above room temperature, we ate those. But cold nachos are just gross.

Our waitress was no where to been seen, so we asked another waitress walking by for drinks and if we could speak to a manager.

My Friend to the manager: "Our service has been horrible. Our food is cold, the waitress is rude and has disappeared"
the manager apologized and brought us new nachos...i think he took them off the bill too...i can't remember.

Finally the waitress decided to grace us with her presence, but not to serve us be a bitch.

Waitress: "uh. what is this about horrible service?"
My Friend: "It was horrible. first of all you didn't introduce yourself and you were rude, we didn't get the appetizers we ordered for 30 minutes and they were cold. you haven't waited on us, we had to get another waitress to get our drinks"
Me: *sitting in the chair being my unconfrontational self, silently cheering my friend on*
Waitress: "blah blah blah something bitchy about not liking to introduce herself to people"
My Friend: " honey i've been a waitress for 2 years now, you always introduce yourself"

The waitress walks away and has another waitress bring us drinks after that...which we were kinda afraid to drink... lol

i'm sorry but if you get a complaint about you, you don't go and confront the customer about it.
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