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Future Shop

So in May/June I returned my CD walkman to Future Shop for repair. The problems start when I lose the receipt they give you when you turn some thing in. My fault compleatly, and I admit that.

So after a month I'm in fuuture shop and relise I haven't heard anything, seeing that there is no one at the service desk I ask if there is any way to look up the progress on my walkman.
CSR:[very bored tone]Do you have your receipt?
Me: No, sorry I lost it.
CSR:Do you have the Tag #?
Me: No.
CSR:Sorry we need the tag # to look it up.
Me: Is there any other way to look it up?
CSR:No[In a tone that continued "Now go away and stop bothering me"]

Being as I had other things to do I left it at that.

Fast forward 2 months.

Go back in and ask again as it's been 3 months at this point.
I tell them that I lost the receipt and is there any other way too look it up.
She asks what phone number or name it was under. I give it to her plus my parents numbers since they bought it it some time ends up in there name in the system.
The CSR spends 5-10 minuets looking it up, nothing.
Move over to the tech shop computer (a diffrent system I assume), looks them up again, Nothing.
Then looks through the binder where they keep a physical copy of the tag # and who signed them in, NOTHING.

Now I'm starting to get worried, as there is NO record of my walkman.
I ask if the can look it up by serial number, yes, if it was entered, So I'm headed back there tommorow with the number so see if I can find any thing.
Un-fortunatly they didn't have any compliment cards so I could priase the second CSR.

So bad service was being lied to the first time and Future Shop having no record of my walkman.
Good service was the CSR who was actualy helpful and spent 20-25 min trying to find my walkman.

Went back today with the Serial num.
They found it! it was in the store, under the wrong phone number.
if the two numbers it could be under were xxx-xxx-xxxx and yyy-yyy-yyyy it was under yyy-xxx-xxxx.
And it was under my dad's name.

any was I have it back, I'm happy.

Even better the solution they said(resoldered the battery connections) is what I would have done the 1st time I brought the unit in not this time(3rd).
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