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Another reply from BMG

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[account was here]

This order "shipped" on 7/29/05. I have come to understand that this only means that you requested that the items be shipped. The charge has already been put on my credit card but the order has yet to be shipped (using the real meaning of the word) from your warehouse. The usual processing time is 3-5 bus. days; so far, this order has taken over 10. An order I placed after this one has already been received. Why is this one taking so long and how much longer must I wait?


To: sakanagai Account **********

We appreciate your contacting us about a shipment you haven't received.
Your order in question was processed when we received it and you should
soon receive the following selections:


We have not reshipped the order but if these selections do not arrive
within the next couple of weeks, please contact us via the Order and/or
Billing Issues link on our Customer Service page at We'll be glad to follow up on the missing

Our product is shipped by way of third and fourth class mail and
depending on the mail flow and distance involved, has an average
delivery time of two to four weeks. Shipments usually arrive much
faster than the estimated time.

Orders submitted to us via the web site are automated and entered into
our computer on the day received, or at the latest, the next business
day. For this reason, we do consider the delivery time of our online
orders to be from 3 - 10 days faster than if submitted via the Postal

Please review your address by following the Edit Profile link at Note any changes on this message or directly
in your online profile before returning it to us.

Thank you for contacting us regarding our shipping policy.

The "Shipped" date you see in your online Order History is the date
your order request is sent to our warehouse for processing. All orders
are processed and prepared for shipment as quickly as possible (usually
within three to five business days). There can be occasional,
unavoidable delays which may interrupt processing for a short period of
time; however, these instances are rare.

For all online orders, we send you a shipment confirmation via email
that accurately reflects the date your order leaves our warehouse.

We hope this information is helpful.

Your Friends at
BMG Music Service

So, not only did they not answer my question, but take a look at the second half of their response. Look familiar? That's the e-mail they sent me last time almost word for word! I don't think that a person ever saw my query. These responses are prewritten and a computer program scans a question or comment and just places all valid responses in one craptacular e-mail. Now the question remains, how do I get a straight answer out of these people?
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