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I have a custom sleeve started on my left arm. I also have a outline of a Koi on my thigh. My tattoo artist was supposed to finish my Koi, I made an appointment a week in advance and when I got there, he told me he didn't have the supplies he needed and was also telling me his wife was leaving him. Everytime I have ever gone up there to get art worked on, he asked me to pose for porn. I decline. I kept going and I made sure the door was open, because I like his work and it was a good price. He was supposed to fix my sparrow on my right arm, but I find out last night he skipped town owing alot of people money. I never prepaid for a tattoo, but the art on my arm is his own design and now I have to find another guy to finish it or live with a half finished sleeve. Ugh. That is bad_service.
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