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"Get more from life."

That's T-Mobile's "slogan."
What-EVER! I've lost minutes of my life to this crap company.

I got my 1st cellphone in July of '04. Loved it! Great price, great service. Told everyone I knew to switch. Thank God they didn't listen.

Paid my $56 bill thru my Amsouth bank (online) on JUNE 27.
7/8: Called in regards to a $113 bill. $56 had not been posted. Was told to fax copy of bank statements, which I did on 7/8.
7/13: Received a collection call. After explaining the situation, I was told they'd never rec'd any documentation. So, I faxed again on 7/13. I also called Amsouth & they filed a claim.
7/19: Called & was supposedly transferred to the dept. that handled faxes. Girl I spoke with told me my papers had been rec'd & were being researched. I made sure to ask each person if my account would be suspended (I had rec'd a txt msg saying it would). I was assured my service would NOT be suspended.
7/23: My outgoing service was cut off. I was transferred to a "financial" rep who said they needed DOCUMENTATION or a payment. I paid the balace due minus the $56 AND faxed them again on that day. Then spoke to Hailey--who was the nicest of the bunch, but no help as it turned out.
8/2: Called and was again told that no documentation had been rec'd. They suggested I go to an actual T-Mobile store/kiosk & have them fax it (to the exact same # they'd given me 3 times before). I did so on 8/2 as well as sent them a certified letter with the same documents. I also called my bank & they filed a 2nd claim.
8/4 Switched to Verizon.
I called T-Mobile on 8/9 about my missing payment. They said I needed documentation (THAT I'VE SENT 4 FUCKING TIMES)--but I need a "cash balance check" or some other made up piece of paper.

So I call Amsouth.

Amsouth says "We talked with Craig at T-Mobile on the 2nd & they informed us your payment had been rec'd & cleared on June 29th." (I paid it on 27th).
Ok. So, I call T-Mobile back.

T-mobile says they have no record of talking with amsouth.
I tell the girl, "Well, I'm more apt to believe AmSouth than you people. This has been going on too long." I kept getting bitchier until I realized this girl was just trying to make a living. So I told her to just get me her supervisor cuz I didn't want to yell at her.

Supervisor comes on the phone & blah blah blahs about needing proof of pmt, never talked with amsouth, etc. (Before this, Amsouth said they'd resend the needed proof again.) The supervisor at T-Mobile then tells me that I can have the bank fax it DIRECTLY TO HIM!!! Now, the 3rd time I was had to fax it I ASKED if there was ANY OTHER FAX # I could send it to. They said no. Now this douchebag has his own #? Bastards.

Okay--So I call Amsouth back & give them the new fax #. Then I fax "Frank W." a note saying Amsouth is going to fax them what they need & I want to be called when any changes or updates are made. (yeah, right. That'll happen) I plan on calling tomorrow. But tonight--

Phone rings. "Hi, this is the T-Mobile bitch."
Me: Yes?
TMB: I'm calling in regard to the account canceled on 8/4.
Me: Yes
TMB: We're showing an outstanding balance of $104. I can take that payment right over the phone.
ME: !!!!!!! $56 is a missing payment. I have yet to receive my new bill & you'll get $ when I get my bill.

Then she goes into the account. HAS THE NERVE TO ASK ME IF I'VE SENT DOCUMENTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But apparently, there's no new comments or activity on my account.

I'm not paying the full amount of my last bill. This is such bullshit. Otherwise, I'll just tell them they need to send proof that I used the phone from July 7-Aug 4th. And I'll keep telling them "Well, I haven't received it yet. Are you sure you have the right address?" Idiots.

BTW: Spent another 45 min on the phone Friday. T-Mobile's still claiming no contact with AmSouth & AmSouth says, and I'm paraphrasing, "That's bullshit."

Thanks if you actually read all that. Imagine how I feel living through it.
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