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You can disrespect me when you're not on the job

Recently, my partner and I were shopping at a local grocery store (it was a QFC for those who live in Washington State), and my partner rarely comes with me as he doesn't find grocery shopping that entertaining and he's also very shy.

So, while I'm picking out something from the pre-packed cheese area in the deli, he goes over to the counter to get some lunchmeat (he takes lunch to work rather than buying).

The deli worker, a young man about 20 years old, got out the roast beef and sliced it for him. I returned to the cart, putting the selections into it just in time to see the second deli worker, a redheaded guy of about the same age as the other deli worker, walk up to the scale where the roast beef was being weighed. He nudged the first worker on the arm, then flicked his chin at us and wiggled his eyebrows. The first worker's eyes bulged and he hurriedly wrapped up the roast beef and shoved it at us so he could turn around quickly and wrap up the lefover hunk of meat.

The redhead continued to stare at us and smile in that disgusting way that suggested he was thinking, "Man, you homos are PERVS!"

We finished our shopping quickly and went home. My partner was very put out and in a very bad mood about it, so I called the store and asked for the manager. I laid out what happened and said, "Look, it's a free country, and the deli guys are perfectly free to not like homosexuals. However, when I come to your store, I expect to be treated with the same courtesy you extend to all of your customers and to not be leered at like we're child rapists."

The manager apologized and from the tone of his voice, it sounded like he was appalled and mortified. Since then, we haven't seen either of the two deli workers there. I know the redhead was fired as I casually asked about it one day and the checker said, "Oh, yeah, him," in a manner that suggested that he was not missed.

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