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So this is kind of bad service, but not service I asked for.
I live right beside a busy freeway and apparently homeowners in the area complain about the traffic noise all of the time. It's not that bad, the people in the neighbourhood must have super sensitive hearing, because I'm the very last house on the block right beside it and we don't hear anything we wouldn't hear living on any street that has a road infront of it. Because of this the city is putting up a sound barrier. There was only a chainlink fence there before, just for he safety of people walking, and on bike. Today the city is removing it, and I came home from work to find a a hot little convertible (sp?) PARKED ON MY LAWN, and it did belong to a city worker because he went over to it to get something out of it. No, this isn't near my lawn, he has parked ON MY LAWN, and there's no parking on the street because of all the city workers vehicles, and no one has a driveway on this street so where are homeowners supposed to park? When the guy with the hot car saw me get home, I don't think he even batted an eyelash and the car is still there.
I am SO MAD right now, and I tried calling the city but of course City Hall is closed right now.
I should pee in a cup and pour it in his car.
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