Professor Snape (severus___snape) wrote in bad_service,
Professor Snape

No, that's not what I said...

Am I asking too much to want people I have to communicate with by phone to at least, if not reside in the same country as I am, simply speak English as a first language? And if I can't have that could I, at a minimum, expect that the person on the other end of the line speak English with a high enough fluency that I don't have to constantly repeat myself or dumb down my vocabulary to make them understand? I had this conversation with an XM Radio representative today:

(and while this person was courteous and tried to do her job I think it still falls under the cover of bad service...provided by XM, not the CSR)

"Hello. I'm thinking of purchasing a second radio and I was wondering if I could get the activation waived."

(note: by and large XM will do this for you as they understand that granting a $10 credit to make $7 a month on a second radio is a good trade off and all you have to do is ask...)

"Okay, I can help you with that. You say you are new customer and want to know where you can buy radio and have the activation waived?"

"No, that's not what I said, actually. I'm an existing customer. I want to add a radio and would like to know if XM will waive the activation."

"You want add accessories?"

And it just degenerated from there to the point where I had to tell the poor girl I would call back later. Now, as someone who has done call center work I know that every time that phone rings it costs the company about $10 on average. So if they hire people who don't speak English well and in so doing create more call volume, how is that cost effective?
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