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Optical woes

A glasses/contacts chain with opticians at each location, several months ago. I had lost my prescription (only 3 months old) in a move (I know, I know, my bad) and needed another 3-month supply of contacts. I didn't think it would be a huge problem because I thought they would still have my records on file. So I went to the store location where I'd gotten my eye exam. It was no longer there. OK. No problem, right? They're part of a chain. So I called up another location. I explained the problem, said I no longer had my prescription, but if I gave them my name, address, etc, they should still have it on file.

The woman I was talking to said that if I didn't have the prescription I could go back to the store that I got the eye exam.

I said that it closed without them giving me any notice, and asked if (since it was a chain) they could dig up my information somewhere.

She said no, they didn't have that kind of information for other stores. She said I'd have to get my eyes examined again ($75, and 2 hours out of my day) and get a new prescription.

WTF?? I go to chains for my eye stuff for a reason-- I know that I can go to any location, and I don't have to worry about which one's closest to me, and I know I don't have to bring my prescription with me. I know that no matter which location I go to, they'll have my data.

So I told her that I thought that was very poor customer service, and that in the future I was going to take my business elsewhere, because if a chain is going to close down one of their stores without giving me any kind of notice and LOSE MY PRESCRIPTION, I'm not going to give them $75 more of my money because of it.

At that, she said that she'd check.

5 minutes later she had my prescription.

Now, I can understand if you really are part of a chain that's managed so badly, you don't keep customer records, and if one store closes, those records are gone forever. But what I can't understand is the woman on the phone lying to me so she wouldn't have to punch a few letters in her computer.

I'd go somewhere else, but they are the cheapest place in town... Probably for good reason.
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