rowancrisp (rowancrisp) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Home Depot Appliance Delivery:

In the future, when someone asks you to place the hinges of a fridge on the left side rather than the right, please do so. Chances are that if someone is that freaking specific that there is a reason for it.

In the future, when someone says "why aren't the hinges on the left?", kindly don't take a condescending tone and give her a song and dance about how it's "better this way" and how you "switched the hinges", because I've got eyes that are perfectly functional despite my enormous pregnancy.

In the future, when someone says "I did ask for left-side hinges", don't say "well, you can switch them pretty easily", especially when they paid you for the service.

Oh, and in the future? You aren't getting my family's business, because I don't fecking well appreciate having to do a dance everytime I want a cup of milk because I don't want to slam the fridge door into my ENORMOUSLY PREGNANT BELLY, just because switching the hinges would have cut into your precious Miller time.

Screw you.
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