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Not the worst service I've ever gotten at this location but I kind of wasn't surprised either...

My friend and I decided to go to Denny's on our lunch break today. It was moderately busy but nothing crazy. We got seated right away and the waitress got our drink orders.

A few minutes later she came with drinks and got our orders. My friend ordered a banana split and I ordered a mushroom swiss burger. We wait and like 15 minutes go by, we're starting to get a little antsy because normally Denny's food doesn't take that long. And our waitress hasn't even come up to check on us or anything. No biggie. Our waitress is helping the table in front of us and then starts to walk back to the kitchen but stops as though she forgot something and comes to our table "Oh! They don't have bananas, would you like something else?" My friend is a little annoyed but asks for some brownie sunday thing they have and the waitress says okay and goes back to the kitchen.

A couple more minutes go by and I see the manager walking around looking confused with a burger and he starts to go back to the kitchen but he catches my eye and he must've noticed the 'I'm hungry please come back with my burger' look on my face because he came back and gave it to me. I'm munching on fries when the manager comes back to ask is everything okay. At the same time the waitress walks up and says something to him about vanilla icecream. We say everything is okay and they both go. A couple minutes later the waitress comes back and says to my friend "I'm sorry we're out of vanilla icecream, do you want to get chocolate instead?" At the same time the manager peaks his head over our booth and says "I'm so sorry..." my friend says they can just forget about it (she wasn't very hungry to begin with) but the manager says for her to please pick another flavor of icecream because he's going to comp the meal. Both of them.

O_o Okay. My friend decides on a scoop of strawberry and vanilla. Her brownie sunday thing comes out and we finish the food about 15 minutes later. Again, not the worst service I've ever had and the manager definitely did a good job of resolving the situation, but this kind of thing has happened before at that Denny's so I'm not that impressed.

In fact, not too long ago I called in an order to the same location. The waitress who took the order admitted to having forgotten to put it in, causing me to wait a half an hour on an order I had called in 25 minutes prior to getting there. They comped that meal too. I'd also like to note that I didn't even get a chance to bitch about anything, they just offered to pay for it. Alls well that ends well I guess. :P
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