Fortune's Last Cookie (diasphora) wrote in bad_service,
Fortune's Last Cookie

Camaraderie My Ass, Kelly.

This is something that can happen all the time and in any place in life. You have some complete jerk as an acquaintance, and as soon as they find out something about you that you two have in common--be it a job or a mutual buddy--they're suddenly sunshine and roses.

Long set-up for the story: Certain kinds of waiters have this unspoken tradition among them that when they go out to eat in a group, they will leave you an incredible motherload of money if their waiterdom is exposed, either by them or by someone else. Usually they do it themselves, ie. "Don't worry, honey. We all work at Pappadeux. We're easy. Just relax on us," and then they leave you 80 bucks.

Mind you, not all waiters are in this group. Most waiters just leave good tips for good service. Unless you're a dick, you won't get 10-15% from a waiter. That kind of thing.

Now. My boyfriend and I frequent Johnny Carino's fairly often, and among their employees is a bizarre man named Patrick, who once worked with me at PF Chang's and was fired for chasing a customer out the door to 'give them their change, which they had forgotten.' In other words, this spaz ran them down and basically said, 'Keep your half-assed tip, because I don't need it.'

So everytime we go in to Carino's, Patrick comes up, says his 'What's going on, still at PF Chang's?' to me, and we shoot the shit for a while. I have no doubt, now, that most of the Carino's servers know I work at PF Chang's. PF Chang's waiters, due to the nature of the restaurant, give off this aura of ' financial possibility'. You'd rather be waiting on a Chang's waiter than a Chili's waiter, because common word has it that Changers make more money than God. If, at my place, you're waiting on some waiters from BJ's, you better believe they're leaving you 50 bucks at the very least. I once received 90 from them.

Story: Kelly was our server at Carino's one night at 9:30. I was struck by her extremely pronounced assholery. She said all the right things, but she said them in a very robotic, angry, short, and contempt-filled way. "You wanna order now?" Etc. I don't know why. She probably didn't want a table at 9:30 at night, which I can understand if they close at 10. But I've had many a *just*-squeezed-in-before-closing table, and I've been a barrel of kindness. Lump it, Kelly, and do the same for us.

So then Weirdo Patrick comes up and does his usual What's uppp and impersonation of our manic manager. We talk about other waiters, repeat all the same conversations we've had before while he crouches by our table.

Kelly, upon her return, has morphed into a 2-legit-to-quit, UV Ray spitting, Angel of Sweetness, Ball of Sunshine. This girl has done a complete 180. Serious multiple personality material. She went from rock-bottom jerk to someone you'd love to have cater friggin wedding, or something.

I doubt my boyfriend noticed because he had shit on his mind, but this is my current work, and I noticed like you'd notice a missing eye from your mother's face. I'd like to think she just 'got in a great mood', but baby, that doesn't happen to a waiter at 9:40 at night unless someone just left them a hundred bucks, and no one had done this (for the most part of the meal, we were her only table.)

Call me presumptuous, but the only reason this gal became so cheery and sweet was because she found out I work at PFC.

It just irked me. We left a regular tip, of course, because everything came out on time and everything was fine: refills, etc. It was just the personality thing that got to me, but it was enough for me to still remember it a month later. It's not like she suddenly started smiling. She literally went from the equiavalent of 'I don't want you here' to 'I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, ROBYN!'
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