Learn It. Live It. Love It. (cindel) wrote in bad_service,
Learn It. Live It. Love It.


Dear Cocknocker sucky whore,

Get out of customer service you stupid spiteful bitch. I understand that I did something wrong and I am taking steps to correct my mistake however it doesn't give you the right to be rude and spiteful towards my operator. I am DEAF and I use relay to make the calls when I need to talk to a hearing person. If you don't have the patience to deal with my operator, I cannot imagine how you deal with the hearing people that call your office daily.

Yes, this is the third time I called because we got disconnected twice before in mid conversation.
Yes, we went over this but I just wanted to get the fax number before we go disconnected again.

And guess what I'm going to call again, not because I'm being pest but because I wanted to make sure you got my information and that I don't get screwed.

Thank you,
Deaf Person

Eta: I called one more time today to let know you and you hung on me. Yay for customer service.
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