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Chase harassment

A long time ago (around 1998), I opened a credit card with a little online bank. Said bank was eventually bought out by Bank One, and now Chase. So my current gripe is with Chase....

When I divorced my ex-husband back in 2001, part of our divorce agreement was that he would take that card, and I would take our other joint card. I spent almost 6 months getting myself removed from his card, and thought that I had been sucessful. Unfortunately, the paperwork backing me up was damaged during a flood a few years ago. Ok, well, that sucks, but it's not really why I'm mad today. I shouldn't be on the card in the first place, but for now...

Apparently, my ex-husband moved a few months ago, and didn't tell the Chase people. So they've got no where to send bills, and no one has been sending a payment. So they have decided to start calling me, because they still have my cell phone number on this account from 2001. After I figured out what in the hell they were talking about, I told them that I'd try to find him and get him to make a payment. They tried to get a payment out of me. I told them that I was taken off the account. They told me that when he defaulted, I was put BACK ON THE ACCOUNT and was now responsible. I told them "no way, no how", to stop calling me, and that I'd try to let him know they wanted to reach him. Sorry, you can't just put random people back on a financial obligation without telling them, when you've processed the paperwork to remove them. It doesn't work that way. And I know that I was completely off this account. I was shocked they even still had a record of any of my information at all.

Now, I haven't seen my ex in over 2 years. I know he's still in town, because we have some mutual friends. But I have no idea where he is. Apparently, he doesn't currently have a phone. I know where he "might" be working, but it's across town and I'm 8.5 months pregnant, so getting over there is a bit of a hassle. I've been putting out the word I need to talk to him, but if he doesn't get back to my by the weekend, I'll have to go down to where he might be working.

None of this, however, has made Chase stop calling me from 4 to 9 times a day, between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.... when I'm at work. And they're calling my cell phone, so it costs me minutes every time they leave a damn message. Which most of them time, they don't do... they just get to the point where the voicemail beeps and hang up. Which still costs me a minute!

This morning, I tried calling them to tell them to stop calling me during my work hours, and if they'd like to speak to me about the account, that I can be reached after 6pm. So I did the verification song and dance, and when I couldn't verify my ex's former address, the rep got all snotty and said "call back when you have that information" and hung up on me! I was trying to tell him it wasn't MY address, and therefore I couldn't verify it. At this point, he had my account number, social, and mother's name. The address verification was like the last step. I know it's for my protection, but... jesus! to HANG UP on me when he had enough other valid security information to at least hear me out!!

I'm waiting for the daily barage of calls to start, because I'm going to request a supervisor and chew some ass. There's NO reason for 9 phone calls in 9 hours, and NO reason for a rep to hang up on me. Additionally... I shouldn't even be ON THE DAMN ACCOUNT.
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