A social tool without a use. (yourmomtoldme) wrote in bad_service,
A social tool without a use.

What the hell?

This isn't really all that bad, but it definitely did leave me saying WTF?

I was at work last night and hungry and I remembered that new pizza with the breadsticks attached to the crust that Pizza Hut has, so I decided to order one. The guy on the phone asked me what kind of dipping sauce I wanted with that and I said marinara. The total was $13.42. I got out $16.00 to give to the delivery person thinking that $2.58 was a decent tip.

So the guy comes and says nothing to me. I say hi and smile and hand him the money. He still says nothing but counts the money, looks up at me with a look of total disdain as if I'd tipped him $.15 or something. He hands me the pizza, still says nothing and I say thank you and take the pizza. He says "yep." Yep was the only word he spoke during the whole exchange and after that look he gave and his rudeness I really wanted to ask for my $2.58 as he didn't deserve it in the least if he couldn't even say hi or thank you or anything else to me when I was nothing but extremely polite.

He leaves and I open my pizza. No sauce. Why did they ask me what kind I wanted if they weren't going to give it to me? The breadsticks weren't too fun with no sauce. The pizza was otherwise good but this leaves me feeling ripped off [for both the drivers attitude and the lack of sauce it wasn't worth $16.00].

I like Pizza Hut's pizza the best of any other chain but they are the most expensive [getting ridiculously so, IMO] and if they're going to have shitty service and not give your complete order than I think I'm through with them. I didn't call and complain [because I didn't want someone to have to bring me the sauce, especially if it was going to be that rude ass driver] and I don't plan on it because it's not worth it in my opinion...I will just not patronize that location anymore.

The point of this post is to ask, has something changed that I'm unaware of? My tip of $2.58 on a $13.42 order for one pizza was a little over 19%, I thought that was good? I know plenty of people around here that would have just rounded the order to $15.00 or even $14.00, which is cheap in my opinion but plenty of people do it.
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