Professor Snape (severus___snape) wrote in bad_service,
Professor Snape

FOLLOWUP: My Conversation with McDonald's Corporate

So today, after drawing the conclusion that the area manager is determined to simply ignore my phone calls and repeated attempts to discuss the situation, I called Corporate and spoke to a very courteous and attentive CSR who assured me that local management will be hearing my phone call and that appropriate action will be taken. They assured me that the employee's behavior was unacceptable and that if local management really didn't do anything beyond what they told me they were doing it wasn't enough. I asked what would happen to The Mouth and although they didn't make any committments (come on, people, this was a customer service rep with no actual authority to do anything except pass on information) the rep I spoke to made it clear that it is McDonald's intention to make sure that restaurant once again becomes a place where I can feel welcome and comfortable bringing my child. I made it clear that the only way that would happen would be if I could be assured that I would not come in contact with the same employee again. I think she was able to read between those lines just fine.

She ended the conversation stating that we would be getting a pile of certificates for large sandwiches and happy meals (more than enough to cover what we spent on Saturday without so much as an offer to refund my money over the incident) and assuring me that local management, the area manager and the employee would hear the recording of the conversation I had with Corporate. This made me a little nervous because I had given my name, address and phone# during the call but they assured me that that part of the call is, as a matter of policy and security, muted out. I don't see how that girl will manage to keep her job after that. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part. When I told the rep what the GM's soluion was (just asking her to leave the premises without a write-up or suspension or ANY loss of income since her shift was over at the time), her response to that was, "Oh my! Er...that I'm supposed to remain neutral during these calls and they'll probably coach me for saying so but...oh my. That...that's not right. Oh my...." That was just classic.
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