Miss Kitty (kittylair) wrote in bad_service,
Miss Kitty

Bad Waitress! Good place?

I love this Irish chain place called Clauddaugh. It's good, their fish and chips are awesome, they have huge portions, and they carry imported Irish Meade.
Well up until they changed ownership and some of their recipes.

They're are 6 of us but only 3 affected the most.

I order Meade, and Corned Beef dish.
My brother orders Guinness Stew.
His Gal orders Sheppards Pie.
We get 2 salads and a soup.
The other two people order sandwiches with fries.

She asks me about my drink, I say, "Meade, Irish Honey Wine. I order it all the time here."
Without checking with the bar she looks at me,"We don't have it."
"Can you check, just to make sure?"
"No, what would you like to drink"
Sigh. "Strongbough cider please".

The salads come out sans silverware. We remind. She goes away. 10 minutes pass. No waitress.
I send the nearest outside person to fetch.

Waitress never appologizes.

Now Sheppards Pie is almost stewish with meat-chunked, gravy (and sometimes veggies) covered by a crust of toasted mashed potatoes.
What she got was a large plate with no edge of ground beef-no gravy, no veggies and a small lump of mashed potatoes on top alittle underneath.
She was needless to say, upset. But the waitress was again no where to be seen after dumping the food at the table.
So we tried to make the best of our meals. Glasses went dry as we started to mock the "not pie".

And the Guiness Stew was neither Guinessy or even with much of a stew sauce.

A manager i've not seen before runs up to ask, "How is everything?"

"Everything is not fine. What's up with your sheppards pie?"
He explains that the company's interpitation is not the standard version of this well known almost universally prepared dish.
We say, "Well it would help to say so in the description of the dish"
My brother keeps quiet on the stew- it's not that big a deal that it's almost bland and doesn't have that much of a kick to it- it's still pretty good.
I ask, "Can you tell me when you'll be getting in more Meade? My friend Liz and I drink it when we come in here, usually once every 2 weeks or more."

"We have meade."
*GROWL* "That's not what your waitress said. Can you get me a glass please?"

Waitress runs up with the Meade. "I thought you said 'beade!'" she says with a fake smile.
"No, i told you HONEY WINE- and asked you to check to make sure."
She really had no answer for that and turns to escape our wrath.

Pluses for the restaurant- we got the Sheppards Pie comp'd.

But there's no excuse for ignoring us, arguing with us, and treating our group of 6 people like "eat and go". We were easily a $125 dollar table.

Just had to rant... I'm in the middle of moving and all I wanted was a nice evening at a good place.

We did tip, even though promptness was not ensured, the two unaffected checks gave 15%, and the other two, (my brother and i) gave 10% plus a penny.

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