Melody (poisonunicorn) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Jewelry Store Associate,

My dear, I realize it is hard for you to grasp that I was not interested in having my face painted with your make-up. I did go to Beauty School long enough to learn you don't share make-up with another female, especially eye pencils. I was there to get a 3 stone diamond ring and wedding band to go with the band I already own. Your manager was ever so nice to help me. I think you should find other places to work, since you are so bored that you can apply make-up, sleep at the desk, and generally not be a help at all. I was amused when you told me that you offered "makeovers" like I needed one. I do not wear make-up and if I did, I wouldn't pile the shit on like you. I sure as hell do not tell a customer spending close to 800 (or any amount) that I would give them a makeover because that is basically telling that person, "Hey! You're ugly! Let me slather some make-up on you and maybe it will help." So, when I come in to make a payment on my new rings, which I love, keep all personal comments to yourself and get enough sleep the night before. Thanks.

No love,

Not sure if it was totally bad service, but it was annoying.

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