Martin (goldfinger_z) wrote in bad_service,

I am getting no love from the video game industry from Phantom games to this...

2 reasons why I'll never go to another GameCrazy.

Last week, I go to a GameCrazy here in Phoenix to browse what they have. The guy there (named Alex, I'll remember him for awhile.)

He asks, "Can I help you with anything?"
Me: "Just browsing, I have a few games I am looking for." (I am a used game freak)
Insert more useless dialogue, where I try and show "Don't Hassle Me."
Me (after about 5 minutes of just terrible video game chatter): I'll take that one."
Him: "I hope that wasn't one on your list."

Which the game wasn't on the list but, what the hell? Insulting my selection that really makes me feel good as a customer.

Then today, I went to trade-in a few of my Gameboy games at a different GameCrazy to get WarioWare for the DS, my trade-in value was $27.83, and I said I wanted WarioWare:Touched, the girl there states we have it used for $29.99, Me: Ok.

Also, I had to say "No." 4 (Four) times to their MVP program (where you spend 20 bucks and save like 2-3 bucks a game) even though she was trying to flirt her way to getting me to sign up (I wear a visible wedding ring and I am unphazed by her female charms). Then her manager chimes in with this exchange:

Manager:"You can also get a year subscription to one of these magazines." *Points to counter display*
Me:"No, I have my own sources for video game info that is free."
Him (Acting elitist, or a mocking tone): "Oh what? Gamespot?"
Me: "Shacknews."
He gets a disgusted look on his face.
Me: "What? The fact that I get UNbiased game review bother you? It's run by the old Quake gamers"
Him: "I write my own reviews."
My thought after that: I make twice as much as this guy and he is 10 years older than me. I really don't have to take this.

Paid the girl and left. Got the mail, their mailer for the week was there, I check it out, WaroWare:Touched! (New) $29.99, Nice.

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