sakanagai (sakanagai) wrote in bad_service,

FOLLOW-UP: Kicked out of a Denny's

About two weeks after the incident, a friend of mine (who knew what had happened) went back there. Apparently, both the manager and the waitress were no longer working there. A few people left the restaurant after I had, and it looks as though somone else had called corporate and complained. As far as legal action is concerned, I didn't have any visible burn marks after a day or so, so it would more or less be my word against theirs. And with no apparent damage, any lawsuit would end up being enough work for me that it wouldn't have been worth annoying them (plus, they'd likely try to countersue for the food I walked out on and disturbing the other patrons). At least they got canned, so the system slmost works.

Thanks to all for your suggestions.

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