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I ordered Street Fighter Alpha 3 for Game Boy Advance, Factory Sealed, from for $27.43 after shipping. I ordered this Thursday. I got an email today (Monday) saying that they don't have it in stock. Ok, fine. I search around again and on their New & Used section for my game contains a Factory Sealed Version ot it. The seller: dvds123dotcom, Price:$34.82 + shipping.

I sent them an email asking why and here is the response:


Our item are enlisted on Amazon ,Ebay, Half, Americart automatically once we do our weekly updates on either Thursday/Fridays Items that we do not have in stock are removed on Amazon, Ebay, Half and Americart. That is why our items are enlisted that way, Due to many items sold on these websites items are enlisted even though we dont have the item on hand, and when people order them and we dont have them available there are immediately given a refund. sorry but this is the easiest way for us to get our items on these websites asap.


So wait if I ordered this on Thursday morning wouldn't have been removed already? I am tempted to file a complaint.
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