bufi44 (bufi44) wrote in bad_service,

Sometimes Getting a Ticket is a Good Thing

Several years ago, I leased a car from a Toyota agency in Egg Harbor Twp., NJ. It was a manual transmission. About 6 months prior to the end-of-lease, I needed knee surgery, necessitating that I get an automatic transmission. I called the agency and was told to bring the car in; there would be NO PROBLEM with terminating the lease early.
The next few months were a nightmare. The bank that held the lease insisted that I get the car back and continue to insure it (anyone who lives in NJ knows that insuring a car that you can't drive is a financial burden). Each time I called the agency to tell them what the bank required, I was given the same line, "Don't worry, we've taken care of it." I finally insisted that they return the car to me.
The day I went to pick it up, I luckily had taken one of my sons as a witness. The car had been trashed. The windshield was cracked, the dashboard had been torn apart. There were major dents in the body. The turn-in inspection done by the dealership proved that all of this occurred while the vehicle was on their lot.
Luckily, my insurance company paid for the repairs. The car sat on my driveway until the bank inspection and pick up was done. I thought that was the end of the story.
Several months after the car was turned in to the bank, I was sent a parking ticket from Rutgers University, New Brunswick campus. Seems that I parked illegally during a visit there. Only problem is, I have never been there and could prove that I wasn't there that hour of the day in question (thank goodness for work time sheets). As I read the ticket more carefully, I discovered that while the license plates were mine, the car description wasn't. My Toyota was a green RAV 4; the ticket was issued to a red Toyota Celica. Someone from the agency had taken the tags off my car and used them on another car.
The police were NOT helpful. But then, I didn't expect them to do anything to the largest "taxable" in the Township.
Needless to say, I stay away from the agency and steer away anyone who mentions interest in getting a car.

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