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Long John Silver's is Long WAIT Silver's

So my personal rule for fast food places is, if I am not acknowledged within six minutes of entering the restaurant and appearing at the counter, I just assume that they have better things to do than serve customers and leave.

Keep in mind it's noon when I come in: Prime eating time.

Today, at the Carson City Long John Silver's, I stood there at the counter, ready to order. The girl cleaning the tables saw me come in.

After three minutes, I ask if they are open.

"Yes, we are," the cleaning lady says.


After five minutes, I say, "So do I ring myself up here?"

Cleaning lady: "Fine! I'll get somebody to help you!" (Throws dirty towel on ground, storms back to back area, finds somebody to ring me up.)

The girl who rang me up and took my order, in fairness, was extremely cordial and pleasant. I was just annoyed at the wait, and at cleaning girl's attitude.

Oh, and then after cleaning lady had her little hissy fit and found someone to help me, she went back to cleaning tables--using the same rag she had just thrown onto the ground. Yuck.

Total time from entry to acknowledgement by the counter person: 5 minutes, 57 seconds. Another 3 seconds, I would have been eating at Burger King next door.

* * *

I will NOT be initating a boycott, because I have never had a bad experience at this place before now. This is their one and only break, though.

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