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My boyfriend and I are sitting at a table in Dairy Queen, and he's enjoying his treat, and I'm enjoying my Moo-Latte and all of a sudden *SQUIRT* right in the mouth, eyes, face, and food. The girl cleaing the table beside us shot up with her cleaning solution, looked at us, and walked off. It could of had bleach in it for all we knew. I got up, and stood in the rather long line up and this cleaning girl comes up to me and says "I'll give you half a free Moo-Latte if you want" "Half? I'm completely disgusted and I want my money back" "Well you already drank half." "So what? You sprayed me in the face, I want my money back." "I didn't even spray you, there wasn't any spray on the wall [there was little wall-things seperating the tables in the middle of the resturaunt]"
At that point I just had this WTF look on my face. She's telling me she didn't spray me, when it was dripping off my face, and I could taste it in my mouth. I asked to speak to a manager. I told him I was completely appalled by her behaviour towards me, having the nerve to tell me she didn't spray me in the face. I asked for my money back, again, and I got it. Yeah, it was only 5$, but that's not what I care about. I don't go out to eat only to get sprayed in the face with unknown chemicals. I asked him if it had bleach in it, and he said it was an edible cleaning solution. Crayons and handsoap are edible, but I don't want them mashed into my freakin' food either. I had rinsed my mouth out with listerine 4 times, and I couldn't get the taste of this cleaner out of my mouth. I was so pissed off.
When I worked at Burger King many, many moons ago I mainly cleaned the diningroom, and it was usually full of people when I was working. Never once to did I spray anyone in the face or food. If I did by accident, I would also not have pulled some bad attitude with them. I would have felt like crap, and ask my manager for them to get their money back, coupons, or something, because that's gross.
How rude.
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