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This is a bad_service experience with two different places, while I was attempting to get the same book.

I'm a big fan of orban legends. My uncle has one of the Big Book series books on this particular topic that I've been wanting to buy for myself. I didn't want to check it out from the library because I like to own my books. (Not tear them up, don't worry!)

First, I checked on They usually have what I want, and I was going to purchase a couple of movies anyway. They said that they had The Big Boof of Urban Legends in stock and ready to ship, so I chose the Super Saver Shipping (Free! Yay!) for my three items. The reason Super Saver Shipping is free is because they ship the items when they come in, rather than (this is the impression I got) sending out for the items. It takes a little longer, but saves a little money and makes me a very happy user.

A week passes. Eh, OK, it's free shipping, it'll take a little while longer.

Another week passes. By this time, I'm kind of wondering where my stuff is, because the itch to read my book is overwhelming. I check on the "Where's My Stuff?" section on, and it says that there's been a delay with my items because The Big Book of Urban Legends was not available yet. So I said fine, sucked it up, and decided to wait for my stuff.

Another week passes. My urge to read my much-desired book was consuming me. I go check to see where my stuff is, and there's ANOTHER delay -- this time, until the end of July. I had placed the order on June 23, so seeing the end of July was a bit of a "Whoa! WTF?" sort of thing.

So, in my slightly ticked off but really understanding mood, I wrote a letter. It said (in no nasty tone; I'm careful not to be a sucky customer), basically, that I had placed an order consisting of two DVD's (BASEketBall and Airplane!) and a book (The Big Book of Urban Legends). In the past, when I had selected Super Saver Shipping, I'd gotten my items pretty quick, but this one was taking a while. I asked if I had just been spoiled in the past or if there was something wrong with my order.

When they replied, they were understanding. They told me that one item in my order (of course, my book) wasn't available yet, so they were waiting on it to ship everything. As a bit of awesome service, they went ahead and shipped the movies and said that they'd ship the book later for no extra charge. Yay! Happy Susan, happy with

There's another problem though. When another week passes and I go to check my "Where's My Stuff?" again, this time, the delay says SEPTEMBER 5TH. I cancel that part of the order, disappointed that I can't get it from Amazon. So I look online for websites with out of print and hard to find books, and stumble across They say they have the book in stock and can ship it from the UK. I chose the 3-6 day shipping and happily awaited my book.

Oh, but then I get up this morning. I checked my email and, lo and behold, they DIDN'T have the book after all, and CANCELLED MY ORDER. Ugh. Thanks for getting my hopes up about a book I've waited for for a month and a half :[

So I went back to Amazon and bought it used. And I actually paid for shipping this time.
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