emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

I gave away my complaining virginity today

Im not much of a complainer when it comes to bad service-yeah yeah yeah, I know, I should be, but I really hate when people flip out over small things or report ANYTHING. Forget my refill? You will probably get a 10-15% tip depending and I wont go shrieking to the manager wanting your job.
However, a certain restaurant named Johnnys has been testing me. They hire mostly teenaged girls and the service has on multiple occasions been a little iffy. (example-girl throws our food down and goes to talk with friends while we sat with no refills and no bill for a long time)
A few of the girls are good, but a few are just...very inattentive. But nothing that I have thought is outrageously bad enough to report anyone.
Well, today we walked in at about 1 and the restaurant is not full. And its a fairly small type of establishment. Its a seat yourselves type of situation so we sit down in plain view. Over 15 minutes pass and we are not even acknowledged-not even a "sorry we are a little behind"
2 groups (2 woman and another group of men) walk in after us and not only give their drink orders but also receive them while we watch.
Hell no.
I know its not a huge deal, but 15 minutes plus of not even a "hello" is way too long for this type of establishment when they are not hugely busy and they are getting other people before us.
I tried to think if it was personal, but I have NEVER been rude and I have never left less than a 10-15% tip, and the 10% was for the girl who ran to talk to friends instead of doing even the minimal amount of service for us. And just a few days ago I was in at the same time and I was treated exceptionally well and tipped a huge amount (I wish I remembered the girl who served us-damn good waitress-if I ever see her again I will get her name and file a compliment for her)
So we left a complaint with the manager explaining what happened, who did it, and mentioning that the service has been below par on other occasions as well. (Also mentioning that we really love the food-thats why I go back-so damn good!)
Now I feel kind of guilty. Im just not an official complaint giver :p

A little aside-Does anyone else have problems with Kohls workers?! On multiple occasions for them either my mom, my friend, or myself personally were treated poorly. At ours, we have several very old ladies who never smile or talk. I seriously did an entire transaction the other day without her talking to me. I smiled and asked how she was and she just glared at me. She slammed my credit card slip down and glared off into space. Once again, I wonder if its personal, but its not just me or my mom-I have heard random friends and classmates complain about the service at Kohls as well. I know not everyone can be smiley all the time and I dont care if someone is, but damn. Its like they rounded up all the cranky, bitter old ladies to work :p

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