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The following is a letter I just e-mailed to the McDonalds corporation. It is in regards to a visit to a McDonalds inside a York, Pennsylvania Wal-Mart.

The visit was made by myself, my mother, my two brothers (ages 10 and 7), and my daughter, who is 10 months. She was sitting quietly in a cart, and my brothers went and sat down when we entered the restaurant. My mom and I approached the register. I stated our order slowly and completely - a double cheeseburger only ketchup, a double cheeseburger regular, a hamburger, a 6 pc. nugget, and a large fry, as well as three cups for water (we were low on funds at the moment, hence the water request rather than soda). The woman rang it up, handed me the cups, then spent a long period of time placing our items on the tray.
My mom must have waited for five minutes or more for the woman to place the five items, one by one, on the tray. Finally, my mother comes over to the table with the food. Everything is fine, except for the fries - when I stand the carton upright, its barely half-full, and the fries arent even hot - they were barely lukewarm.

I take the carton back up to the front counter, but the cashier was taking and filling the order of another customer. I waited while she did this. She looked my way several times, but continued to serve the family that was already waiting. That was fine, so I continued to stand off to the left of the register area, waiting until she was finished. When she did finish serving that family, and they left the counter area, she glanced in my direction, then calmly walked over to the other end of the counter and began drying and lining trays. I waited while she did five or six.
Finally I said, "Excuse me?"
No response.
So I went over in front of her and said again, "Excuse me".
She looked up at me, gave me a nasty look and said, "What?"

I informed her that since I paid for a large fry, I would like a large fry - and that I was willing to wait for fresh ones, as the ones she had given us weren't fresh. She began to argue with me, accusing me of doing something with the other fries, that the carton was full when she gave it to me. I politely argued back that the carton was not full, and I'd be happy to bring up the tray of food to show her that there weren't any other fries. Finally she snatched the fries out of my hand, tossed them in the trash, and scooped several other fry cartons before scooping one for me. She took the time to place the other scooped fries on a tray for the previous family before handing me the fries she scooped for me - even though it would have been quicker for her to handle one fry carton (to me) and THEN deal with the remaining cartons that went to the other family.

So, by the time I FINALLY received the replacement large fry and headed back to our table, my sandwich was cold. However, I felt it in my best interest to just deal with the cold sandwich. My only consolation was that the rest of my family was able to enjoy their hot food, and we did finally have hot fries - and the amount of fries that were paid for.

I am shocked and appalled at this woman's rudeness. We were not rude to her. My daughter was quiet, my brothers were sitting quietly - it wasn't like we were loud, obnoxious or unruly. I handed her the money (instead of throwing it on the counter like some customers do). I said please and thank you, and I smiled at her. Even when I complained about the fries I was still nice, and tried to be polite - not accusing.

I've been a training coordinator at a Burger King for five years, and I mainly do drive-thru and counter/expedite because of my good customer service skills. I am always polite to customers, and I would never DREAM of treating a customer - especially a well mannered, friendly one - in such a manner. ESPECIALLY when such behavior was unprovoked. How this woman treated me was unacceptable, and I feel that you, as a corporation, should know this.

Unfortunately, I do not know her name, as she was not wearing a nametag. However, I believe she was the manager on duty, since her uniform was more of a manager uniform rather than a crew member uniform.

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