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The worst manicure

For the past two months I have been going to this nail salon in our mall to get acrylic nails. Normally I have long nails (all natural), but I work in a restaurant and they break often, so I choose to keep them fake. I get my nails done every two weeks (give or take a day), and generally the people who work there are pretty nice even if their english isn't wonderful.

My Complaint:
I went to this establishment two nights ago when I got off work. It was around 7 pm and they close at 9. I put my name on the waiting list because they were currently all with customers and there was one woman ahead of me. I waited half an hour until it was my turn, so not bad yet. For those that don't know how a "fill" is done, they sand down the acrylic edges and lightly sand your own nail before they apply more acrylic. This man used the power sander so rough on my nails that I wanted to rip my hands away from him because he was grinding my real nail off and it hurt badly. Instead, I kept my mouth shut. So he puts the acrylic on and it burns, my fingers feel like they're on fire. Again, I say nothing. Then one of the other male workers comes over and takes his spot, showing him how he's supposed to be doing it. I tell this man that he sanded my nails too much and it hurt, he says nothing.

I'm guessing the first gentleman was new since I'd never seen him before, but if he's in training and doing badly shouldn't I have been told or gotten some sort of discount?

The first guy is left to finish my nails, I cringe. I always get a french manicure, usually get the tips in color (like this time I had them pink). He put no base coat on, and put the top coat on while the airbrush paint was still wet. My cuticles are a mess because he was so sloppy, and my fingers are still sore. So now I'm left with the worst looking manicure I've ever had. The paint is smeared and some of it's already come off. On four of my fingers you can see where my real nail has been damaged because he didn't put a base coat on. I just got this two days ago and it cost me $23. Needless to say, I did NOT tip either of these guys. I was there until they closed at 9 pm.

I had made a comment to the second man about how I'd gotten bad manicures somewhere else, so I quit going there and he didn't offer to do anything for me. I'm pondering going in to complain again, and demand my money back but I think they are just going to blow me off. What should I do?

I know that I should have complained as it was happening. That was my bad, and I take all the blame for not immediately screaming about it. Aparantly I read too many of the people & customer suck journals because I go out of my way to not be an asshat. It seems that as a customer this gets taken advantage of. This guy could SEE he was going too far down. As mentioned earlier, I work in a restaurant as a manager...that means I have to deal with people who complain about everything under the sun on a daily basis. I do NOT want to be one of those people.
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