-.- (bestdaywelived) wrote in bad_service,

I work until 10 or 11 most nights , and generally , I like eating after work. Usually I'll bring something home ( I work at Denny's ) , but on occasion , I order a pizza. I have a ( very ) mild stutter , and I try to avoid phone-in delivery orders. Last night , I had no choice , since the shop across the street was closed and I was hungry.

I did the unthinkable - I called Domino's.

My boyfriend wanted his pizza ( we did the 5 - 5 - 5 ) to be half hamburger. He decided this when I was on the phone. I stuttered on the half hamburger , but I know I was understandable. He asked me to say it again. I did , thinking nothing of it.

When I told him I wanted one plain , I stuttered on that. He asked me to repeat myself , and then laughed. If I wasn't so hungry , I would have hung up on him then. I'm going in to talk to the manager before I work today. Mwahaha.
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