Lokai (bliss089) wrote in bad_service,

Just a little angry about this....

I went to Subway to get a "Kids Pak." I would rather have a small bagel and a fruit roll up than a 6 inch and chips. So, anyways...I get in there. The lady asks what I wanted and I said a "Kids Pak." These 2 other girls that were in the line to make the sandwhich started giggling. Then the lady asked me what kind did I want...and I thought she ment the bread, so I said "Wheat." And she goes "Oh, I ment the meat." I asked for turkey. I got down to the lane where the girls who were giggling before were putting on the toppings. I said clearly..."Lettuce, tomato's, and mayo." I watch put on the lettuce, the tomato's, and then she starts putting on green peppers?? What?? I told her "I didn't want peppers" Then she just looks at me all bug eyed. "Oh, no peppers?" And starts picking them off.
I get down to the register, and I just get my bagel little sandwhich. No fruit roll up, and juice box. I'm a child at heart, and I like my sugar better than salt. Whatever, pay the $3.93 and get my change thrown back at me, and get the hell out of there.
I always hated that Subway. I always dreaded going in there. But, it was either gas station food, or McDonalds.
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