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U-Haul sucks

We are having one hell of a time with U-Haul, in Blacksburg, VA. We're moving tomorrow - and there's no way that we can move any later - we have to be out of our current apartment by 2 p.m. So about a month ago, I phoned up one of the local U-Hauls and made a reservation for their 26' (or 24', I can't remember) truck, and all was fine.

I called today to confirm the reservation, find out how to get to their location, and what time we could pick up the truck. They look on their schedule - and they can't find our reservation. "They must have moved it," he informed me, and told me to call this 1-800 number. I call them, and they tell me where the reservation was moved to - Harmon's Chevron in Christiansburg, which is only about 3 miles further away. Ok, no problem. I was pretty annoyed that they didn't bother to call me, but I went ahead and called Harmon's. The woman there informs me that they have no one there tomorrow who deals with U-Haul. I stress to them how important this is, and she says "Oh, okay, well, I'll try to get someone in there sometime tomorrow to get you the truck." Which, frankly, isn't good enough. Of course now no where else has a truck that we can rent this late, and we're waiting on her to call back and tell us when/if we can come get a truck. We were supposed to pick the truck up at 8, which was going to be tough enough to get everything out of here by 2.

I was the one doing all this, so when I told my husband about it he was pretty pissed and called the original place we made the reservation, and talked to them for a few minutes - he was pretty mad. They couldn't find anything for us to rent, though. So, he called Harmon's and stressed again to this woman how important it was for us to get this truck, and to get it early. She said okay, she was still trying to find someone for us.

If they fix this for us, I guess it won't be so much bad service, but moving is so stressing and this is just making it that much worse. I don't understand why they didn't call us when they moved the reservation. What if I hadn't called to confirm the reservation and just shown up there tomorrow? Then we'd REALLY be screwed.

ARGH. Anyway, the lesson is to never use U-Haul. I'd been told that before, but last time I moved they were great, so I stupidly assumed it'd be the same this time.
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