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library issues

not sure if anyone can help me but i thought i would post here anyway.

being that this library is small and run by cheapskates never gets enough funds from the county heads up north who run all the libraries in this section of the state, i frequently fork out 50 cents a book to pay loan fees to get books i want to read from other libraries.

the second-to-last historical book i got wasn't that good so i set it aside after two chapters and returned it. i noticed when i got it, that it seemed very slightly rumpled, but didn't really care.

NOW the ppl at my library are saying the head library up north (where the book came from) is claiming water damage and that i have to pay to replace it.

any advice on fighting this? i did not damage the book so i shouldn't have to pay 17 dollars for a fuckup on their part, whoever along the way damaged it, if it is even damaged. the really stupid thing abt it is they "have it for viewing"--at THEIR library, which is almost three hours from here. even the lady checking out my books today had to shake her head at that one.
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