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homesite insurance woes.

When I lived in Minnesota, my renter's insurance was Homesite. This was all well and good, until I, you know, needed to use it.

My apartment was broken into on April 14th, while I was sleeping. The thief, or thieves, stole my husband's gamecube, both of our GameBoy Advanceds, some of Zak's gamecube games, a good number of our DVDs (mostly mine, mostly musicals), and, to add insult to injury, one of our laundry baskets to carry everything in. It was the only laundry basket I'd managed to fill the previous day, *le sigh*. When I woke up, I went out to the living room, and promptly panicked; I called my husband who then called the police. The police came, took down the statement, and filed the report; all was then well and good, no? All we had to do was to file a complaint with Homesite.

The complaint was filed, and so we waited. And waited. And waited. When there was no response, Zak began calling; apparently, our claims adjustor, Aliyah (name removed), was out of the office for at least three weeks, for "training." Finally, it got to the point where we were considering filing a complaint with the BBB and the Minnesota Department of Insurance. Then we got a fax from Aliyah. This was on June 3rd, and, by that time, we were already trying to move and pack, and so inventorying what was missing was quite an ordeal. We sent everything that was asked of us, save the police report (because we were no longer in-state) two weeks or so later. Aliyah allegedly never received our fax, and instead sent a letter--a week later--stating so.

On July 7th, we re-sent the inventory list et. al., and, this time, received a comfirmation that it was, indeed, received. Knowing that this would then take time, we again waited. And waited. And waited. We stopped waiting when we received another letter, stating that we had never sent the paperwork. This prompted me to call, yesterday, and ask, basically, WTF? We were told that, hey!, they'd sent another letter earlier that day! However, none of them knew what was in it. Strange, no? We left messages telling Aliyah that yes, she needed to call, and that, if she chose not to, we would be filing with the BBB, the Minnesota Department of Insurance, and taking the company to small claims court.

Today, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and waited for their call. When it was apparent that no call was forthcoming, I called. I left messages on both Aliyah's and her supervisor's voicemails, stating my intent to file my claims. Only then did I receive a call. However, it was on my cell phone, from a number that did not match the number that I had previously received, and I was on hold with the company, still trying valiantly to reach a supervisor. When I called the number back, it was the GMAC number, not that of Homesite. I then returned Aliyah's call, and, once again, received her voicemail. Four more times.

Fed up, I dialed the operator, and asked to speak to someone--anyone--who was a real person and could actually help me. I was then transferred to a woman named Karen, who reviewed my claim, and had her supervisor call me. The supervisor, Sarah (name omitted), said that my inventory had been faxed to the people who evaluate the validity thereof (I forget what she called them) only earlier that day. When I asked why it had taken almost a month for Aliyah to do so, she said that she did not know. She then said that she would personally try to expedite the process; personally, I'll believe that when I see it.
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