Darrin (allamericanbear) wrote in bad_service,

I hate my telephone number, and it's been that way for five years.

I get calls for a doctors office more times that I can count, and when the providers call this number to update their listings MULTIPLE TIMES, I ask to speak to their supervisor.  This way, I can get a person that's likely going to be working there with a name that I can use for the next time I start getting calls to update the listing and remove my number.

"I'm sorry, he/she's busy".

"Well, can you un-busy him or her?  I'd like to speak to a supervisor.  No disrespect, but apparently people in your position have been unable to get my telephone number removed from your lists".

"I'm sorry, my supervisor is busy".

"Is there someone above you that I may speak to?"


"Well, I'll hold until you put me through".

"That's not possible...I can't hold up this line".

"I receive sometimes, up to fifty calls a day asking for this information.  Instead of your company wasting another dime for each call that you make, interrupt me from doing MY job, and causing this same problem in the future, I DEMAND to speak to your supervisor...NOW."

What exactly is keeping the supervisor so occupied?  On hold from Chili's placing their lunch order?

When I'm rushing to complete a deadline for something and am constantly being interrupted by something that SHOULD be handled efficiently (not five years down the road), I'd expect some cooperation when I want this problem handled yesterday.

Surprisingly, Independent Health (my actual provider) is one of the very few that eliminated the problem within 48 hours.

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