Jim (jumbach) wrote in bad_service,

Special bad service update : Company actually makes good and turns a sour customer happy!

Remember how pissed I was at the Foster's Freeze in Castaic after the incident described in #5 of this post?

Well, I got this gem in the mail today:

Dear Mr. Umbach: ["Jim" is fine. I hate being called "Mr. Umbach." Be that as it may, though:]

I am sorry to hear about your experience at the Castaic Fosters Freeze. We have asked them to discontinue bathroom access using the token. Unfortunately, this location is independently owned and operated[,] and there is nothing in the Franchise agreement where we can force them to give customers access to the restrooms.

I apologize again for your trouble and hope that you will try any of the Fosters Freeze restaurants on the 99 freeway or in Fresno[,] and I am sure you will have a much better experience. I have enclosed a calendar for your time and effort and hope that you will try another Fosters Freeze when you are traveling in California.

Fosters Freeze, LLC

And enclosed was a nifty little pocket planner and U.S. atlas. I really only wanted a "formal apology letter." I got that, with a bonus! While they did not address my primary concern (i.e., saying we were not entitled to use the bathroom because we had finished eating and were no longer customers), they did at least make a sincere effort at a personal apology. I'll even let the two missing commas slide.

So, once again, I will be pleased to eat at the Foster's Freeze in Castaic. I now encourage everyone else to do so, too. (I know one of you is a hop, skip, and jump away, and another isn't too far away . . .)

In fact, I haven't had dinner yet, thanks to a late meeting at work. I wonder if there's a Foster's Freeze nearby?

(grabs Reno-Sparks phone book)

Nope, but there is a Foster's Downtown Service Center and a Foster's Texaco.

* * *

So all is well once again with the world, at least in regards to Foster's Freeze and me. Now, maybe someday, I'll get an apology letter from a certain Subway relating to an incident way back on June 7, 1998 . . .

* * *

You know, this has never happened. In all the bad service boycotts I've done over the years, I've never, ever gotten an apology letter. Coupons once, and a form letter a couple of times, but never the formal, personal apology that I requested. (In this case, it came from the corporate office in Rancho Cucamonga, and not the offending store, but I'll take it anyway.)

In the unlikely event another boycott of this particular establishement is necessary--and that would take a lot after this response--it will be once again at the six-month level, with credit for the seven weeks (to the day!) already served.



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