knicky82 (knicky82) wrote in bad_service,

Fitting room horror

I was trying on bras in a dressing room at Kohl's when an elderly lady working at the nearest counter comes to my door. The door is not equipped with a lock.

She knocks and asks if everything's okay. I state loudly and clearly, "Yes, I'm fine." She knocks again and I say, "I'm fine."

So, that's that right? No, she pushes the door open and I'm scrambling to cover my bare chest up as she's about to walk in. Thankfully I manage to block her full entrance with one hand on the door preventing her from seeing me.

You know, I've managed to find a good fit for my chest since I was 13, I think I can do it without the assistance of a strange old lady ogling me. THANK YOU.
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