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Sit back relax...

This was about a year ago, my second year at a state college located in downtown atlanta had come to a close. So after going on a week long trip to New Orleans I returned to Atlanta where I was to stay for at a friends place overnight before flying home the next morning.

Well we began to get hungry so my friend and I decided to go out to get something to eat so we went over to Peachtree street and ate at Noodle. The food was good, alright americanized chinese food, the service in the restaurant was fine, nothing bad, nothing horrible about it. So it comes time to pay and my friend owed me some money so she picked up the bill, and paid with her Bank of America (BofA) check card. She gets her card back and we leave. Keep in mind the restaurant is kind of dim, poorly lit.

We go over to Jake's Ice cream and get some ice cream, once again I am still owed money so she pays again with her BofA card. We then head to a publix to pick up some groceries for her apartment. She goes to pay for the groceries once again with her BofA card and realizes that it wasn't her card.

So I pay for the groceries for her, and we head back to her apartment wondering where the switcheroo occured. Checking the recipts we trace it back to Noodle. We get back to her apartment, look up the number in a telephone book, yes an actual book, and call them up and ask them if they have her card. They ask for her name, and says they don't. We walk to Jakes, get them to refund the charge and paid them in cash (they actually refused to let us pay so it went the money into the tip jar).

We then walk back to Noodle, have them look again for her card, they whip out a stack of 50 or so cards (apparently this happens quite often), and searches through them with no luck. We give them the other BofA card and call BofA up to cancel her card and head back to her apartment.

She was of course essentially moneyless for about a week until her new card came in. Interestingly enough I had lost my own debit/check card maybe a week prior and had borrowed about $500 from a friend for my trip to New Orleans, so I had some extra cash and lent her about $50 to hold her over until her card came in.

But bad_service is having the restaurant swap with your credit card for someone elses. So make sure you check your credit is actually your credit when you go out to eat.

I guess in reality the service really wasn't that bad, it just caused a lot of hassles trying to clear up.
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