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This is semi-bad-service/more annoying than anything else/plus, I think it was just cause I was a girl.

So I'm 21. My birthday was 11/5 which was a friday. I went to Bennigan's and had a margaritta and a shot. Then went to see "The Incredibles" and then to a gas station to buy alcohol on my way home.

Now my bf and I had been dating abou 1 year 9 months by my birthday. He had just turned 27 three weeks before.

So we live in Lewisville, TX and we used to work at AMC GVM 30. So we used to stop at Magi Mike's almost every night for 1.5 years and buy my bf his beer and what not.

They never gave us a problem because they know I don't drink, plus one ofour former co-workers/friends works there. [ I have ulcers and what not so I hardly EVER drink. ]

So anyways. We get to Mike's. BF grabs a bottle of Steel Reserve and I grab a can of some Zima thing. Didn't want it but, Hey! 21st Birthday!

So we get to the counter, say our hellos and all...I pull out my new license and then...

E - Employee
D - Friend
J- Boyfriend
Me - Me

Me = J - :: get in line, kinda wave to D ::
D - ::waves back, keeps helping his customer ::
Me + J - :: get to the front of E's line, hand me ID over and sit beer down ::
E - I can't sell this to you. :: after looking at ID ::
Me - :: I think he's joking cause he knows me and it's my b-day :: UHm. Lol. Yeah.
E - No, I'm serious.
J - o_O
ME - Uhm...I'm sorry?
E - Yeah, today is your b-day?
Me - Yep. 21. FINALLY.
E - Well, I can't sell it to you till tomorrow.
J - What?
ME - I'm sorry?
E - Because you could still be 20.

Now this part confused me for a second. Then I was all.."OH!" Because of my time of birth.

Me - Oh! Well, uhm. I was born at around 6AM.
E - :: kinda laughs :: Well, do you have your birth certificate?
Me - ::getting annoyed now :: What do you think?
E - Well, I can't verify that I can't sell it to you.
ME - YOu're joking right?
E - Nope.
Me - Okay. So I bought a drink at Bennigan's earlier, but can't here?
E - OH! They should NOT have let you do that!
Me - =|;;;
J - You can't be serious. You know us.
E - But I don't know what time she was born...
Me - Listen. If I get pulled over on my way home with beer in my car the cop is going to ask for my ID. He's not going to ask what freaking time I was born.
E - Well, I still can't do..
D - :: finally finished with his customer :: Hey! What's the problem? :: finally finished with his customer ::
ME - Hey D. He says he can't sell me beer cause I don't have my birth certificate.
D - What? :: looks to E ::
Me - He says since today is my birthday but since he doesn't know what TIME I was born he can't sell me beer cause I might still be 20.
D - Dude. Sell her the damn beer. We KNOW her.
E - Well, okay but just cause we know you.

Yes, just turned right around. Pissed me off big time. D apologized left and right about the guy, and when I spoke to the manager later they said it's store policy.

But my brother-in-law, whom they don't know is related to me, went there on his 21st b-day a month and a half later and got his wine and lots of other things. Didn't say anything at all to him. =/ Didn't ask for his ID either. Guy looks about 17.

This whole conversation was only like a minute long, and there was no line or else I would have just walked out. But still. I can understand if I had a out of state ID, which they don't like to take, or if they didn't know me.

So like I said, not really bad service but still annoying as all hell.

Also, sorry for any typos or anything. On a bit of cold medicine right now. >_<

EDIT : Thank you everyone for your posts. Yes, I stopped going there because of this. Plus, Lewisville became a wet county a few months later anyways!

I said something to other stores and restaurants and they've all told me the same thing y'all did. That yes, a store can make their own rules but if the time of birth mattered then it'd be on the damn ID. =/
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