Tori (gracelessiv) wrote in bad_service,

Just a rant.

Dear Time Warner Cable,

My internet goes out everyday from noon until 8:30. Exactly. 12:00, and I can access the internet. 12:01, and it's gone until 8:31. Exactly. It's worked like this for the last week. 7 days. Okay, 6 days, this evening it kicked in at 7:31. Please, plase, when I tell you this, do not tell me...

1) To unplug and replug my modem. I've done this. Your automated hold music has told me to do this 8 times in the 30 minutes I've been on hold. I did it before I called. I promise. You don't need to tell me to do it again, but I will politely try again.

2) To reboot my computer. I've done that. In fact, my method is usually to reboot my computer until it works. Seriously, again, I know you don't know this, but please, please believe me when I say I have. Don't get all haughty, and say, "Why don't you give it another try, hun'." Pig.

3) My modem is not the problem. Nor is the cable. I HAVE REPLACED BOTH OF THEM! On top of the fact I've told you that it works at other times. It is a specific time. My modem has no clock, to my knowledge.

4) Gee, it's not getting cable? I could have told you that from the fact the cable light has been out on the modem for the last, oh, 5 hours? Annnd how I told you it was out ten minutes ago, after you told me to unplug and replug the modem?

5) Stop feeding my less technically saavy mother bullshit. Even she's starting to catch on to the fact you tell us it's a different problem every time she calls.

Siiiigh. And coming out on August 4th? Fine. Fine. I can wait. It works sometimes, I can deal with that for now. I know, oh tech support minion, it's not your fault. But I hate being treated rudely for merely knowing what I'm doing.
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