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I am absolutely furious. FURIOUS. This is my bad service post for the week, since it's been going on that long!

recap : my boyfriend owns a computer company, he does repairs, builds computers, etc etc. TO do this, he needs suppliers, so he has one wholesaler he uses regularly. Well not anymore.

The other day he goes in to pick up parts for a system, it was a $900 order, he gets home after having to go to 3 other suppliers to get all he parts he needed, starts putting together the computer at about 10pm, and from across the house i hear "THAT F*CKING BASTARD". I hop out to the living room to discover, the jackasses forgot to invoice us for a HARD DRIVE. Even though everything we had confirmed with him had INCLUDED it. We were mad. This was Wednesday. This computer needed to be dropped off at 12pm on thursday, so it could leave for Nova Scotia on Saturday.

So, my boyfriend emails the company, fuming as he does so and demands a discount since this was not their first mistake and it would take him over an hour the next day to get out to where they were. Thus, not leaving him enough time to install the operating system and check everything.

After he sent the email, he went out to work on what he could, and sure enough I hear the same cry of anger all over again. They gave us the wrong video card too!

Here's where it gets good.

We were invoiced for the card we had - the price however, was of the card we wanted. They gave us a $400 video card for $258.

The next day, he calls and tells us to bring in the video card and they will exchange it. Well at this point, my boyfriend was sick of them and not willing to make life easy for them. So he said he would exchange it, if they offered him the hard drive free, that way no one was out money. They accused him of blackmail - then spoke to me. I was told they would swallow the cost of the Video Card problem and we could just keep it.

So! My boyfriend goes in this morning at 10am to pick up the RIGHT hard drive and video card - driving an HOUR to get there and what does he hear?

"My boss says if you don't return the video card, we will no longer do business with your company".

Fucking jackasses. The video card is legally ours, we have the invoice for it - and since you screwed us - WE SOLD IT. (To my mom, for cost ;D)

During this whole ordeal - our sales rep's manager kept telling me "I'm to busy for this", "My time is more valuable than this", "you're blackmailing us" - blah blah.

I'm going to write up a complaint for the BBB later.

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