iliketoeatglue (iliketoeatglue) wrote in bad_service,

Got to love the south...

Just wanted to recall this one time that i experienced bad_service...indirectly. kind of...well this was a while ago. I go to school in Atlanta.

But went to Krogers at like midnight, which is what you do when you need to find a 1/8" to 1/8" headphone cable, and the person in front of me was wearing a traditional head garment of persons of i believe of middle eastern. You know it like covers most of the face. So she checks out and walks away and the bagger, who i would describe as your typical redneck, shaved head, 25 or so, 5'10, 250 lbs or so...just your typical fat white guy, goes as she is walking away but still in earshot "you smell something? smells like piss or something" with a heavy southern drawl of course and I immediately point at my friend Petter(not getting the reference at the time), he repeats the whole "smell-something" routine for a while and I still don't get it. So Peter finishes buying his head phones and as I'm waiting for my receipt and stuff the bagger tells the cashier, "hey i wanted to tell that lady 'have a good night...don't blow the building up'" and my world became clear. Now i got what he was referring to, and I'm just like oh fucking shit you have got to be kidding me he did not just say that. Man oh man do i sometimes i forget i'm in the deep south and i just need a reminder like that...don't blow the building wonder your working the fucking late-night shift at krogers.

Names changed for the privacy of the innocent.
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