Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass. (dazeydevyne) wrote in bad_service,
Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass.

Taco Bell is ticking me off..........

OK, this is getting to the point where it's not even bad service, as the actual employees are doing the best they can, given the circumstances. It's a company policy that is completely stupid, and it's now making me think that my town must have angered the Taco Bell / KFC / Pizza Hut gods mightily, because they are screwing us royally.

The Pizza Hut WAS an eat-in place. Now its a tiny little storefront. Not a big deal.

But they put a shiny carrot in front of me, and now its being held way out of reach. I was thrilled about 6 months ago when they re-did the KFC & added a Taco Bell. We had a Taco Time, but it sucked. And closed down shortly after Taco Bell opened. I was happy - the food was cheaper and the portions more suited to my appetite (slightly smaller). It was good. Until I had to go there on a half hour lunch break. This was about 5 months ago, a month after the opening. It was slow. But I tolerated it - it was new, and the girl apologized, telling me they were training. Made sense. The next time, it was the same. So I started taking my lunch later, to miss the rush. It worked for a while. As long as I stayed in Drive Thru.

But last week, my boss wanted me to grab something for him, and since I had more than one order, and I've read customers_suck, I know they hate multiple orders in drive thru (I'm so considerate!), I went in. And waited. And waited. The explanation? You guessed it!

"We're a little slow, this is a training store."

Isolated incident. I thought. Then today, the drive thru was backed up. I figured it would be quicker to go in. There were only a couple people standing up, appearing to be waiting for food. The tables were full, but I was going to the office, so what did I care? I didn't realize that all of the tables had no food on them. I waited over 20 minutes for my food (a chicken sandwich, 3 spicy chicken burritos , and a crunchwrap)(not just for me, but 2 others back @ the office, don't worry). And so did everyone else waiting for Taco Bell food.

The girl announced to the waiting throng: "Sorry about the wait, we're training back here"

I called back "Yeah, you were last week too"

She couldn't see me over the other waiting people between me & the counter, but she said "Yes, we're a training store. We train for all the stores in the district."

Now, is it just me, or is that wrong? Is it insulting to my town that we get the learners (and there's nothing wrong with trainees, everyone has to learn their job at some point, but imagine if EVERYONE you dealt with was one?).

I know you guys are good at finding courses of action for complaints - what is the best way to go about this? Is it normal to train all employees out of one location? And should customers at said location receive a discount for slower service (15 min +)?

*As a side note, the van that would have been ahead of me in the drive thru was still at the window as I left with my food. And the chicken burger, since KFC staff was fully trained, was up for nearly 10 minutes before the rest, but my boss didn't complain, so it must have been ok. So it wasn't just in-store, and it WAS just Taco Bell.
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