CHRISTMAS-STYLE HANDJOBZZZZ (brosephina) wrote in bad_service,

pls 2 b not invading my office kthxbi

I work for a university, I'm a clerk in the power plant part of it. I see a lot of vendors come through my office, and their job is to sell a product to my boss that keeps the boilers running, the plumbing solid, and so on, and they try to get contracts with the university through him. Some are okay, some will even bring us presents (woo hoo to the guy who remembered that I dig cinnamon candy), but most just come in, pitch their products, and wait for my boss to decide whether or not he's going to buy something.

One vendor, though, just always hangs out in the office. He came in, asked for my boss, and I explained that he wasn't in right now, nor did I expect him back any time soon. And... he stood there. Made a comment about how nice it must be to have my air conditioning, walked around a little bit, and kept trying to make small talk. He was here for 15 minutes, and halfway through I just got so annoyed that I started typing this, and then he said, "I'm gonna go out to my car to make a call, he usually comes in through the door down there?" I peeked out the window and he was sitting in his car, staring at my window. I waved and shut the blinds, and then he came back up.

Sorry, I'm just rambling now. I'm trying to look busier than I really am so I don't have to talk to him. I'm still confused as to why he's staking out the office, because if he's trying to impress me (I cannot authorize equipment purchases), he's doing an incredibly bad job of it. He's pushy, annoying, and creeping me the hell out.

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